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The Cloudfield's Story

Enjoyable shoes.

The Cloudfield’s journey began with a bunch of working professionals, displeased with how much their feet ached at the end of each working day. Unable to find office shoes that were really comfortable and affordable, they decided to create their own. The idea of Cloudfield’s was simpleto equip the modern professional with a pair of shoes that are enjoyable to wear. 



Here at Cloudfield’s, we strive to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort. We recognize the beauty of classic designs, and the importance of maximum deliverable comfort. Our shoes are crafted with our patented EasySoft System®. It is an industry leading custom-blended lightweight PVC material, and features a premium memory foam footbed.

You can think of the Cloudfield’s shoe as a classic dress shoe with the comfort of a modern running shoe! In our shoes, you’ll be walking on clouds - literally and figuratively!

Holding Leaf


Completely manufactured without the use of animal products. Our shoes and manufacturing process are 100% cruelty free. Shopping for consciously made and sustainable products when it comes to your wardrobe is yet another step you can take to help the planet. Made from synthetic materials, our vegan shoes don't have anything to envy from real leather. They are just as stylish, more comfortable, and long-lasting. Walk your way to an animal friendly closet with our shoe. 

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